Tips in Dressing Like a Hipster


Are you going to attend a party dressed up like a hipster? Or you wanted to adapt the hippie lifestyle? Whatever it is that you may choose from, here are the following tips that can help you dress like a real hipster. From dresses, hippie style necklaces, and natural charms—we’ve got it all for you.

Buy thrift clothes
As much as possible, you should only wear thrift clothes that can be mostly found in flea markets, garage sales, and warehouse stores. You should support clothing in your local area or you can just make your own clothes. Transform your grandmother’s vintage dress into something that no other girl have in their wardrobe.

Always top it off with necklaces and bangles
No matter how simple your shirt maybe, you should ensure that you always top it off with lots of hippie necklaces, bangles, charms, and bracelets. It can greatly enhance the overall look of your shirt. There are some stores that mostly features retro designed clothes, so make sure you grab one that is all in earthy and nude colors.

Invest in a vest
Every hippie should have a vest in their wardrobe. If you don’t feel like wearing some necklaces and charms, you can try pairing your shirt with the fringe vest instead. It works well for both girls and boys and they can be also easily identified as hipsters with this style of clothing. Any vest in earthy or nude colors will do, but if you can buy the brown ones that would be even better.

There you go. You should start shopping for thrift clothes, hippie necklaces, boots, vests, and other charms now! Of course, you should not dress like a hippie but it would be even better if you live like a hippie as well.

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